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We are accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year for Preschool and for the Academy.

Applications for both areas are available below. An application may also be picked up from Riverside Christian Academy.

To make the application process easier and to flow smoothly, please look at the requirements below:



Application: Complete the application in full and remember to sign the application.

Application Fee: Attach a check made out to RCA for the correct amount.

Birth Certificate: Include a copy of the student's birth certificate. The birth certificate must accompany the application at the time of submission.

Student Medical Immunization Record: All students applying for K5-12th grade must complete and include the Student Medical Form with a copy of the immunizations attached when the application is submitted.

Kindergarten Physical Assessment Form: All Kindergarten students accepted to RCA will need to provide proof of a Kindergarten physical. The physical form, provided by your doctor, must be completed by your doctor and turned in to the Admissions Office by the first day of school. This physical should be scheduled during the summer so that it will remain current for the student’s entire Kindergarten academic year. Your Kindergarten student will be unable to attend their first day of school without a physical form including updated immunizations on file.

Report Card: Include a copy of the previous year final report card and current year report card.

Standardized Testing Information: Students applying for 1st through 12th grade admission must provide current standardized test results. Students applying for Kindergarten do not need to be tested. An interview cannot be scheduled if testing information has not been received.

Student Confidential Evaluation: (K5, 1st-5th, or 6th-12th) must be signed by the parent or guardian, dated and sent to your student’s current teacher. The form must be delivered [ mailed or faxed (910) 323-5419] back to RCA by the teacher. Please ask a core subject teacher (Math, Science, English, or History) to complete this evaluation for Middle School and/or High School

Character Reference Form: must be signed by the parent or guardian, dated and given to any civic or community leader or pastor for completion. The form must be delivered [mailed or faxed (910) 323-5419)] back to RCA by the community leader, pastor or minister.

Return completed application: with application fee, and any required documentation to the RCA's Admissions Office.

Interview: the interview will be with the Admissions Director or Grade Level Principal.

Application Process


Package & Forms

We are accepting applications for this 2023 -2024 school year for Preschool and for the Academy.

Applications for both areas are available below. An application may also be picked up from main school office or call the school to request a digital copy

Admissions Process for NEW Students

Confidential Elementary (1st-5th) Evaluation

Confidential Secondary (6th-12th) Evaluation

Academy Application (K-12)

Preschool Admissions Process


Academy Admissions Process

Preschool Application

Character Recommendation Letter

Physician's Medication Form

RCA Tuition & Fees

School Supply List

Kindergarten Health Assessment



Prospective Parents

At least one parent or guardian must attend a Parent Information Meeting. This is only for new families to RCA. This meeting is intended for parents of every family wishing to apply. Due to the length and nature of the meeting, we ask that parents not bring infants.

Please contact the front office at 910-323-4026 to schedule an appointment and tour of our facility.

Prospetive Parents
Tuition & Fees
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