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Middle School
High School


Pre-K (Ages 3-4)

The RCA Preschool (ages 3 and 4) utilizes exploration and discovery as a way of learning through the use of a creative curriculum, focusing on over 150 objectives that are used for development and learning  This curriculum meets the needs of the whole child emotionally, spatially and spiritually. Exploration and discovery continue as our preschool students advance but at a higher level of difficulty. Our Preschool curriculum also utilizes application based learning as students explore learning in their own way. Students develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills while establishing relationships with peers and adults as they determine there is a world outside of their “bubble” and they are not always the center of attention.

RCA does not embrace the daycare setting, but instead uses structure and academics as our teachers present, on a daily basis, knowledge-building and daily practice resources to address the “what”, “why”, and “how” that all young children are prone to ask. Daily opportunities are offered for individualized instruction which enables the teachers to meet the needs of every type of learner. All important areas of learning are addressed, including reading, technology and the Arts, and all are incorporated throughout the day and week. Verbal and linguistic skills, gross and fine motor skills are emphasized as are logic and mathematics, along with social and interpersonal relationships in the curriculum.



Elementary (Grades Kindergarten - 5th)

Throughout the elementary grades, (Kindergarten-5th grade), teachers teach the core subjects found in STREAM, while learning cooperative learning strategies, peer-to-peer skills, along with time management skills. Teachers continue to foster the learning as they help students learn more about managing and understanding their emotions, while also establishing and developing deeper friendships. Educational learning foundations are critical at this age that is so vital for a 21st century student. Teachers, at this level, are beginning to introduce the students to project-based/application based learning and the flipped classroom concept. Grades K-5 have a Spanish Immersion program where students are exposed to and taught conversational Spanish.  It is our aim to prepare our students for a world that is much different that is known by previous generations.  


Middle School (Grades 6th-8th)

Middle School Academics in grades (6th-8th) use a project-based/application based learning approach as students learn the requisite academics identified through STREAM. RCA implements traditional introductory concepts for the individual learning environment through the flipped learning approach. Parents and students are able to view a video assigned by the teacher and explore the concepts identified within the STREAM curriculum. Additional questions are encouraged in order for a student to show progression in their learning as they strive to utilize the knowledge learned and apply it to the projects and activities assigned. It is through this type of learning where students are able to move beyond the traditional learning that is taught in many schools and apply their learning to everyday skills as they increase critical thinking and become 21st century students.



High School (Grades 9th-12th)

High School Academics (grades 9-12) utilize the project-based/application based learning approach as students learn the requisite academics identified through STREAM. Our high school students are able to continue what they have learned through earlier coursework as well as being given more stringent coursework as required for high school graduation. Our high school coursework has been reviewed and approved by the NCAA for the purpose of qualifying our students to enter a Division 1 school should the athletic student desire. College Board assessments, the PSAT/NMSQT and PreACT, are offered as early as the 8th grade. In addition, our juniors and seniors, with the requisite GPA, are able to attend FTCC through the High School Connections program and earn dual credit for both high school and college. Students are able to choose between a Future-Ready Core track and a Future-Ready Occupational track as they begin fulfilling NC High School Graduation requirements as determined by NC Department of Public Instruction.