The Middle School Academics at RCA utilizes the STREAM curriculum which is based on National Standards. Included in this curriculum is (S) Science, (T) Technology, (R)  Relationships/Religion/Reading/Writing, (E) Engineering, (A) the Arts and (M) Mathematics.

Riverside Christian Academy emphasizes academic rigor, while teaching from a biblical worldview providing engaging and creative learning, combined with a structured and caring environment.  By applying biblical truth into the context of real life, each student's intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional growth is encouraged.  It has been found that children develop higher level thinking skills having a balanced academic curriculum along with enrichment activities.  These enrichment activities include areas that will meet the needs of a 21st century learner. When the home, the school and the church environments work together, children will be able to flourish.

Why is project based learning important?


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