High School Academics (grades 9-12) utilize the project-based/application based learning approach as students learn the requisite academics identified through STREAM. Our high school students are able to continue what they have learned through earlier coursework as well as being given more stringent coursework as required for high school graduation. Our high school coursework has been reviewed and approved by the NCAA for the purpose of qualifying our students to enter a Division 1 school should the athletic student desire. College Board assessments, the PSAT/NMSQT and PreACT, are offered as early as the 8th grade. In addition, our juniors and seniors, with the requisite GPA, are able to attend FTCC through the High School Connections program and earn dual credit for both high school and college. Students are able to choose between a Future-Ready Core track and a Future-Ready Occupational track as they begin fulfilling NC High School Graduation requirements as determined by NC Department of Public Instruction.

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