Curriculum Areas:


 Throughout the elementary grades, (Kindergarten-5th grade), teachers teach the core subjects found in STREAM, while learning cooperative learning strategies, peer-to-peer skills, along with time management skills. Teachers continue to foster the learning as they help students learn more about managing and understanding their emotions, while also establishing and developing deeper friendships. Educational learning foundations are critical at this age that is so vital for a 21st century student. Teachers, at this level, are beginning to introduce the students to project-based/application based learning and the flipped classroom concept.  In addition, parents have a choice to enroll their child in a Spanish Immersion class in grades 2-5, where more than 50% of the day is spent applying conversational Spanish to the assigned core subjects. It is our aim to prepare our students for a world that is much different than the world that is known by older generations.


Why is project based learning important?



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