43 years ago, 22 people followed the Lord’s direction and began a non-denominational church based on the principles the Bible is the inspired word of God, salvation comes only through the power of Jesus Christ, and by being baptized in the Holy Spirit, one can be an everyday, powerful witness for the Lord. The decision was made to call the church, Fayetteville Community Church and services were held in the McNairy Building at Eutaw Shopping Center and later at the American Legion Hall until the church secured a structure of its own.

From that time, the Lord was instrumental in supplying the necessary materials, and manpower to construct the present building. FCC built the first educational building south of the original church building. Riverside Christian Academy was birthed as a direct result of God at work. A passion and a vision had been given to the Pastor but he was waiting on God’s perfect timing. Events unfolded quickly and  in October 2014, Riverside Christian Academy was birthed. The RCA Preschool opened in March of 2015.

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